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AluwoodTilt & turn windows and doors have long been the foremost operable window type in Europe, where many of the most sophisticated systems have been developed.

They offer superior insulation, security and venting. Tilting from the top, the window can provide venting while preserving climate control in a wide range of environments. A single lever handle effortlessly controls the operation of the sash throughout its tilted, swung and locked positions. Multi-point locking and central weather-stripping satisfy the most demanding construction and architectural standards for security, strength, dealing, egress and insulation.

The new European style windows offer a 2 way opening feature. They can be operated as an in-swing casement window & also tilt-in-from the top. Internationally, it is the highest performing window on the market.

The tilt & turn window and doors offers easy cleaning & maintenance in combination with added security & low noise pollution due to double glazing. A quarter-turn of the handle opens the window partially by tilting it inwards from the top - ideal for ventilation


Design in thermally insulated aluminum (outside) and wood (inside) for Entrance doors, French door and windows.

Thermally insulation

Frame material group 2.1 in accordance with DIN 4108. UR value between 2 and 2.8 W/m2°K.
Water resistance: A3
Wind load resistance: B7
Sash strength and stiffness: C5


OUTSIDE ALUMINIUM with pleasant rounded design, inside the warmth of the wood.

Profile dimensions

Frame depth: 63mm.
Sash depth: 85mm.
Glazing thickness: from 23 to 30mm.




Window and door series: central gasket and spacious front profile cavity. Application of the wood inside by means of suitable blocks which enable to compensate possible material expansions.

Opening typologies

Single and double vent windows, turn/tilt window, turn/turn & tilt window, tilt window, tilt & slide window, folding door. Single and double vent doors with inside opening.


OUTSIDE ALUMINIUM offers resistance to atmospheric agents and the corrosive action of pollution, guaranteeing the durability of technical characteristics and the appearance of your window, which essentially will not require any kind of maintenance.

Aesthetic appeal

INSIDE WOOD is warm and elegant, making the rooms in your house unique. By combining a wide range of colors and a choice of lines and components of high aesthetic quality, we provide you with prestigious windows and doors.

The Aluminum-Wood system offers several advantages:


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