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Aluminum- Super-Thermic - Introduction

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Superthermic® Door Systems are designed to meet the most demanding requirements, both aesthetically and technically. Fully tested, according to AAMA-WDMA-CSA specifications, they set new standards in performance and flexibility. Design features include a rain screen principal, EPDM rubber gaskets, adjustable heavy duty hinges, multipoint locking hardware, polyamide thermal barrier, mitered corners reinforced with heavy duty corner keys for sturdy construction, and much more.

Available as single and double French type doors, inward or outward opening, with or without sidelights, they offer an unrivalled flexibility in design. A wide range of AAMA certified finishes are available including numerous color combinations. These high quality doors provide a long lasting, secure and attractive access for condominium, single or multi-storey commercial office buildings and hotels.

The Multipoint Lock and Hinged Glass Doors provide the strength, versatility, and high quality of a solid system. This products offer proven solutions to the many challenges which a good window and door must overcome to protect the home and the homeowner.

Doors Topology

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Aluminum ProductsProducts meet or exceed the highest European and North American performance standards.

These products offer outstanding water resistance, air tightness, and thermal efficiency, exceeding performance requirements of many national and international standards.

Tested according to AAMA/WDMA/CSA/101/I.S.2/A440-05 and Large Missile Impact TAS 201/202/203-94 standards, garden doors achieved unrivalled performance levels.

As specified in AAMA / WDMA / CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05 AAMA WDMA-CSA:
Sidelite: SLT - C 90
Transom: TR - C 90
Single door: ATD - AW 75
Single door ADA sill: ATD - AW 55
Double door: ATD-AW 70
Double door ADA sill: SHD - C 35
Sidelite: TAS DP-100
Double door opening outward: TAS DP-70






1220 x 2440
(48" x 96")



C 90

Structural pressure
6436 Pa (135 psf)

Water penetration
720 Pa (15 psf)

Forced entry: N/A
Water resistance: B7
Wind load: C5
Air infiltration: Fixed

Structural Load
DP 100

Cycling test
DP 100

Single Door

1220 x 2440
(48" x 96")

Single Doors


Structural pressure
5386 Pa (112 psf)

Water penetration
720 Pa (15psf)

Forced entry: F20
Water resistance: B7
Wind load: C5
Air infiltration: A3

Double Door

2440 x 2440
(96" x 96")

Double Doors


Structural pressure
5027 Pa (135 psf)

Water penetration
720 Pa (15psf)

Forced entry: F20
Water resistance: B7
Wind load: C5
Air infiltration: A3


Structural Load
DP 100

Cycling test
DP 70


Profile All aluminum profiles are extruded and thermally broken by means of two continuous polyamide bars 18 mm (0.708 in.) wide. Aluminum alloy is 6063-T5 in accordance with Aluminum Association standards. All aluminum profiles are extruded and thermally broken by means of two continuous polyamide bars 18 mm (0.708 in.) wide. Aluminum alloy is 6063-T5 in accordance with Aluminum Association standards. The profiles are composed of two tubular aluminum halves which are mechanically assembled by the systems supplier into three chamber structure with the help of two continuous insulating strips. The system allows the appliance of a different colour on the inside and outside. Advantages of thermal break systems:

• Energy saving up to 20-30 %: reducing expenses on heating and on air cooling conditioning.
• Reduction of condensation.
• Reduction of noise.
• Aesthetic advantage: bi-colored systems

The outer frames of the thermally insulated aluminum profiles have a construction depth of 82.5 (3-1/4) mm and the vents of 75 (2-15/16) mm. The construction depth of the fixed frames and the transom-mullions can be increased in function of the wind pressure to be transmitted and the moments of inertia of the profiles. The width of the vent profiles is determined by the sizes of the opening parts.

The structural profile walls have a nominal thickness of 1.7 to 1.9mm. These profile walls also form the inner chamber in which the crimp corner cleats are located, as well as the inner and outer rebates.

The glazing cavity is 40 mm at the most (glazing up to 32 mm (1.25")).

ProfileThe profiles also meet EURONUT tolerances so that most European types of accessories, which have been provided with standard profile grooves, can be fitted.

In order to achieve adequate water tightness at the bottom of the windows, all frame profiles and transom-mullions have a lowered water drain.

Thermally Broken System

Thermally broken systems offer the most advanced technology in thermal isolation. Tubular designed aluminum profiles in combination with two continuous glass reinforced polyamide struts significantly reduce thermal conductivity values and considerably improve acoustical performances. The thermal break is achieved by means of omega strips in polyamide 6.6, reinforced with glass fibers (min. 25%) and fitted with adhesive inserts. The combination of the profile and the omega strip has a flush aspect

Insulating strips have the following characteristics:
• excellent chemical & mechanical resistance
• a thermal expansion coefficient similar to aluminum
• high heat endurance (from - 40°C to 220°C)
• low heat thermal conductivity (c.a. 0.23 W/K x m)


The width of these insulating strips is 18 mm. In the assembly process the profile grooves are serrated mechanically. Tight connection is ensured by compressing the profile grooves. In case of painting after insulation of the profiles, the connection between profiles and strips, and the wind- and water tightness between profiles and insulating strips are guaranteed by the melting of the adhesive inserts.


Every corner has four connection components. The crimping and screwing of the miters is made possible thanks to the casted aluminum crimp and screw corner cleats located within inner and outer chambers of the profiles.

Before the corner cleats are crimped and screwed, the cross sections of the profiles are sealed with the help of two-component glue or with a neutral elastic sealing agent.

Cross connections

The transoms are fixed with T-connections or with screws through the outer frame. The T-connection is secured in the outer frame with screws and/or push-through screws. The T-connections are sealed with adapted filling pieces and a sealing agent with lasting elasticity. These corner and T-connections do not harm the construction’s insulating properties.


The opening windows and doors have a central gasket and an acoustic gasket made of EPDM rubber. The central gasket is located on the outer frame and connects with the rebate of the insulating strip in the vent. The overlap between the rebate of the insulating strip and the central gasket is 4 mm. The corners of the EPDM central gasket are mitered and vulcanized or preformed corner pieces are used. This gasket forms a barrier between the "cold" and the "warm" chambers and does not allow any cold air to pass through to the profile components on the inside. The central gasket protects the full width of the strip. The central gasket ensures the window is wind- and watertight over the complete surface. Furthermore, the shape of the gasket ensures proper drainage of water seeping in towards the drainage channels of the transoms.

The acoustic EPDM gasket is located on the inner side of the vents. This acoustic gasket is uninterrupted, even at the level of the mitered corners.


All window types are equipped with a drainage system at the bottom profiles or the transoms.


The Insulated Glass unit is fitted with glazing EPDM gaskets to allow for ventilation and drainage of the glass or the panels.

Opening Solutions

Opening Solutions


Opening Solutions

Advantages of Superthermic® Door Systems

• Easy maintenance
• High performance acoustic and thermal insulation
• Variety of opening solutions
• High quality design
• Strong and durable
• Custom finishes available
• Architectural grade

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